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for Consulting
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FIBAA accredited

Accredited​ by FIBAA, the international association of business schools, standing for the high quality of our internationally recognized, part-time Master degree.

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Future proof skills

During your studies, we strengthen the future skills proclaimed by the World Economic Forum 2023: analytical thinking, creativity, agility and motivation.

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Sustainable Development Goals

The curriculum content is based on the global sustainability goals of the 2030 Agenda.

If not us – then who?

Consulting Master by Consulting People

As one of Europe’s leading strategy, management, and IT consultancies for the finacial industry, zeb-consulting knows the challenges of the financial services industry from the inside out.

It was a logical step to share our comprehensive financial sector knowledge and extensive consulting experience through our zeb.business school, enriched with the latest scientific insights.

In this Master’s, in-depth industry knowledge merges with academic excellence to prepare you for a successful career in consulting. This combination of theory and practice makes our Master’s in Consulting in Financial Services unique in the study market.

If you want to learn precisely what you need for your day-to-day work as a consultant during your studies and gain insight into how an honest consultant works, our Master’s programme will prepare you for your future career.

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What to expect

Unrivalled preparation for professional practice

Industry-specific knowledge: In consulting for banks, savings banks, insurance companies, fintechs and insurtechs, special tools, models and methods are sometimes used to improve management. In this Master’s degree programme, you will learn an independent consulting approach for strategic and operational consulting for financial service providers. Learn from experienced consultants how to solve complex problems efficiently and make strategic decisions in the financial sector.

Real-world experience: We don’t just simulate everyday consulting – we immerse you in the real world of consulting. You tackle real-time projects and witness their execution first-hand. Theories and case studies provide the foundation, but their true value is only realized when you apply them in real projects, blending them with real-time decision-making and teamwork. This practical approach ensures you feel confident in your future consulting roles.

Experience-based learning: To ensure that you are prepared for the consulting assignment, we do not rely on conventional learning methods but on experience-based learning. Not only will you have the necessary knowledge, but you will also have the skills and attitude to make an immediate impact in your new role. This empowers you to start making a difference from day one.

Start date

Start at any time on your preferred date


Münster, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna and Zurich or completely online

Costs & Fees

24 months € 18,900
incl. of all examination fees

18 months € 15,400
(with recognition of 30 CP)

12 months € 11,900
(with recognition of 60 CP)

Duration of study

24 month, part-time, but it can be extended up to four years without additional costs (and with additional costs beyond that)


The 24 month Master comprises 120 CP.
Recognitions of up to 60 CP can shorten the study duration to as little as one year.


Master of Science (M.Sc.)
State acknowledged
FIBAA accredited

Flexible course of studies

You can individually combine the elements of your studies according to your schedule.

For example, if a presence session for a module does not fit into your schedule, you can take it in the following semester.

You can participate via online streaming if you cannot attend the events in person. In compliance with GDPR rules, all presence sessions are transmitted and recorded via video meetings.


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Language of instruction German or English

FOCUS Modules

The Focus Modules correspond to your specialization, giving you the crucial competencies and knowledge advantage in Consulting.

Additionally, we offer the option to choose and exchange Focus Modules from our other Master’s specializations.

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Mergers & Acquisitions and Consulting

  • Foundations of M&A: Overview of the M&A process, types of mergers, acquisition strategies, and the regulatory environment.
  • Valuation Techniques: Cash flow analysis, comparables, precedent transactions, and leverage buyout models.
  • Deal Structuring and Negotiation: Key considerations in deal structuring, negotiation tactics, and due diligence processes.
  • Post-Merger Integration: Best practices for successful integration, cultural alignment, and realization of synergies.
  • Role of Consultants in M&A: Advisory roles, change management, and strategic guidance during mergers.

Management Perspectives for Consultants

  • Consulting Frameworks and Methodologies: Overview of popular frameworks used in consulting (e.g., Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT Analysis).
  • Client Management: Techniques for managing client relationships, expectations, and delivering impactful presentations.
  • Leadership in Consulting: Developing leadership skills specific to consulting roles, team management, and conflict resolution.
  • Ethics and Professionalism: Ethical considerations in consulting, maintaining professionalism, and managing sensitive information.
  • Future of Management Consulting: Trends, challenges, and the evolving role of technology in consulting.

Strategy and Innovation in Consulting

  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: Tools for strategic analysis, market entry strategies, and competitive positioning.
  • Innovation Management: Techniques to foster innovation within organizations, including design thinking and disruptive innovation strategies.
  • Digital Transformation: Impact of digital technologies on business strategies and how consultants can drive digital initiatives.
  • Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility: Integrating sustainability into business strategy and consulting practices.
  • Scenario Planning and Risk Management: Preparing for uncertainty through scenario planning and effective risk management strategies.

Consulting Mindset

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Systematic approaches to problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills.
  • Adaptability and Learning: Cultivating adaptability and continuous learning as core consultant attributes.
  • Client-Centric Thinking: Focusing on client needs, creating value, and measuring impact from the client’s perspective.
  • High-Performance Habits: Developing personal and professional habits that contribute to success in high-stakes environments.
  • Reflective Practice: Encouraging self-reflection to improve professional practice and client outcomes.

Consulting Experience

  • Real-World Projects: Participation in live consulting projects with real clients under faculty supervision.
  • Internships and Residencies: Structured opportunities with leading consulting firms and financial institutions.
  • Case Studies: Extensive use of case studies to simulate consulting challenges and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Professional Development Workshops: Workshops focusing on skill enhancement, such as advanced Excel, presentation skills, and negotiation techniques.
  • Capstone Project: A culminating project that requires students to utilize all learned skills to solve a substantial problem in the consulting or financial services field.

Corporate University

Unternehmen können ein eigenes Modul entwickeln und dessen Inhalte vorgeben. Das Modul kann einem geschlossenen Teilnehmerkreis oder offen für alle Studierenden angeboten werden.


CORE Modules

The Core Modules are compulsory. They form the business management foundation for your specialization.

Philosophy of science and research methods

Overview of economic research directions, methods, concepts and ideas for conducting independent research at university level

Economics, Politics and Society

Understand microeconomics and macroeconomics / be able to apply models and instruments / analyze and understand monetary and currency policy decisions

Project management

Project management styles & consulting-innovative methods and key success factors for managing projects

Strategic corporate management

Strategic Management / Entrepreneurship: Development of individual business cases from vision to strategy to foundation. Methods: Scrum, business model canvas, minimum viable product

Leadership and communication

Modern Leadership and CRM: Understanding concepts from leadership theory Success factors for internal and external communication

Mathematics advanced

Statistics & Data Analytics Basics:
Understanding and applying basics in empirical data analysis & interface to AI / scale levels, regression methods, cluster analyses

Advanced statistics

Statistics & Data Analytics advanced:
Understand and apply modern advanced methods of AI-based data analysis from planning to interpretation. Basics for the implementation in R and Python / independent coding


Scientific Modeling & Econometrics:
Insights into the scientific modeling of complex interrelationships and normative knowledge acquisition

Innovation Project

zeb.bs student consultancy: You set up a (student) consultancy in a team and solve real, complex practical problems

Integration module: Introduction, Theories and Developments in Finance, Banking & Controlling

Trends in finance, banking & controlling and the resulting implications for the management of financial service providers, wealth managers, ORG/IT structures and the digital transformation in the financial sector


Balancing studies, work, family, and leisure can be challenging for part-time students.

We have given much thought to how we can support, motivate, and nurture you during this challenging phase.