Partners for Change

Our spirit

Through entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking and, above all, our clients’ trust, zeb has established itself as one of Europ’s leading strategy, management and IT consultancy for the financial services industry in Europe.

With us, our clients address pressing issues and challenges arising from the industry’s changing dynamics and new regulatory requirements. Together, we master the only constant – change. As partners for change, we support financial intermediaries in Europe through their successful transformation.

This same goal is pursued with our students. To “change” into the best version of themselves, to develop into decisive, resilient, confident individuals capable of leading with integrity, fairness, and authenticity.

We support our graduates throughout their professional careers. Regardless of their goals or industry changes, our options for lifelong learning ensure they always have a network and contacts to stay up-to-date and get help with challenges.

Prof. Dr. Michael Lister

At school, studying while working means something other than learning alone. Through various measures, we create an active and social campus life.

Our small class sizes mean you’ll get to know your fellow students immediately. You’ll also be able to speak personally with the lecturer. It’s entirely normal for students to seek advice from their professors before a job change.

Our students come from all over the German-speaking region. During presence times, they often rent shared apartments and explore Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Münster, Vienna, or Zurich after seminars.

Prof. Dr. Michael Lister
Director school

Your alumni community


After graduation, your journey with zeb doesn’t end. You can always utilize lifelong learning opportunities and continue professional networking with alumni and companies. Our alumni regularly meet to exchange professional and personal insights and offer mutual support.

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All for All

Strong Network

While you pursue your ambitious life and career goals, you’re not alone. Our vibrant and welcoming community of students, alumni, academic staff, and professors provides maximum support, fosters trust and builds a strong network and lifelong connections.

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Dominik Albers, Compeon

“Thanks to the part-time study program at school, I have the opportunity to complete a full university degree and gain practical experience at COMPEON at the same time. In addition to excellent professors and lecturers, I particularly appreciate that every transfer task creates a link to COMPEON, which also creates added value for my employer. Last but not least, the developed network confirms to me time and again that studying at school also provides much added value outside the academic framework.”