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Cultivating Exceptional Abilities – Bridging Competency Gaps

Pursuing a degree takes time. For those studying alongside their careers, balancing academia, work, family, and leisure is a challenging feat.

We are pioneering new approaches by considering your work-life balance. We create learning conditions under the motto “Intensive but stress-free” to boost your motivation and readiness to perform.

We understand that part-time studies can bring about time management challenges. If we or you identify a need for support, we offer 24/7 assistance through phone, video conference, or webinar – until you’re back on track.

Our modular study content allows you to tailor your learning schedule to your personal timetable. You decide when and where to study. Webinars save you from time-consuming absences from your job and personal life.

If a scheduled in-person session for a module doesn’t fit into your timetable, you can simply participate in it the next semester, aligning it with your schedule. Your study time should adapt to your life, not the other way around.

Moreover, the duration of the study can be extended by up to two additional years without any extra costs (thereafter, with additional costs).

Life is unpredictable. During challenging phases due to personal changes, professional projects, health issues, or unforeseen events, you can take a break. By taking a leave of absence, your studies, along with the costs and learning requirements, are simply put on hold. Take a Break!

Even if you discontinue your studies, we can issue a certificate for each module you’ve successfully completed. Thus, your time spent studying is never wasted, and you benefit from the demonstrably acquired knowledge.

Whatever the issue, talk to us. We’ll find a solution!