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Your educational journey should transcend the mere attainment of a degree.

It’s an opportunity for profound transformation – impacting your personal life and the world.

As the inaugural college established by a consulting firm, we are at the forefront of the Financial Industry. Our curriculum is enriched with cutting-edge insights from our ongoing consultancy projects and in-depth research, ensuring a 100% real-time knowledge transfer to you. Our high level of professional expertise, an agile mindset, the skills required today and integrative teamwork skills are the drivers for better decisions and entrepreneurial success in your part-time studies.

Futureproofed Skills

We share our expertise

We focus on practical learning – giving you skills and insights applicable to the real world and beyond academic theories. Our curriculum is designed to provide the skills and mindsets you need to make tangible changes in your career, the organizations you serve, and society.

Our accredited programs cater to aspiring leaders driven by a desire for career excellence and continuous improvement. Engage with innovative perspectives and insights throughout your studies, empowering you to move and implement change, becoming an invaluable asset to your organization and yourself.

Why Choose Us?

Are you working in the financial industry and looking to advance your career? Employers are searching for talents who can drive their companies and society towards a better future. We provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to do just that. By introducing you to global, social, and technological drivers, we create a learning environment that facilitates learning and encourages reflection, thus demanding and supporting your personal development.

Tailored for Your Professional Success

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Sharing Our Knowledge

As “partners for change,” zeb-consulting supports the financial services industry’s successful transformation with consulting services and research on all pressing issues and challenges. We integrate solutions from current consulting projects and our research into the study content.

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Success Through Your Practice

Authentic experiences are irreplaceable. With our transfer studies program, you’ll find more opportunities to learn business by doing than in any other academic program. Here, you apply your knowledge not to a hypothetical case but to a real problem in your job. This means you’re using what you learn as you learn it! We support you in this process, and you contribute to your company’s success.

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Career boost and networking

Our zeb.business school study programs open doors to the most sought-after employers worldwide. No matter your goal, we help you achieve it and prepare you to make an immediate impact.

With us, you’ll expand your horizons and network to develop new ideas, meet inspiring people, and discover new opportunities for yourself.

The Four Dimensions of Our Teaching Concept


Our innovative course content draws from the latest scientific research, the experiential knowledge of our top consultants, and our collaborations with global partners.


Problem-solving: Critical thinking, creativity, technological literacy, and innovation lie at the core of the skills we nurture, enhancing your decision-making prowess. We strengthen your ability to make the right decisions.


Modern leadership today demands up-to-date knowledge, flexibility, and emotional intelligence, particularly in guiding multicultural and multidisciplinary teams. Our coaching transforms you into a leader capable of empathetic, ethical, and sustainable leadership.

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In the financial industry, sustainability is drives transformative changes affecting companies, investors, society, and the environment. Our program teaches you to manage sustainability performance effectively, a crucial strategic driver for any organization.

Adapting Education to Fit Your Life!

We understand the challenges of balancing a full workload with part-time studies.




Our solution? A flexible, personalized learning approach.
Study at your own pace, anywhere, anytime, focusing on maintaining work-life harmony.
Our exceptional support system is designed to motivate, inspire, and facilitate your educational journey.

Student Testimonials

“The quality of both academic and practical instruction is exceptional.”

Gerrit Roters

Volksbank Münsterland

“Now, I can engage with banking executives equally, contributing to critical discussions and decisions.”

André Claus

Compentus Consulting

“No other university matches this level of flexibility, innovation, and digital integration.”

Julia Binzer

Kreissparkasse Ravensburg

“The close interaction with faculty creates an unparalleled learning environment.”

Marc Lengwenus

Volksbank Neuwied