Are you aspiring to be a Leader tomorrow?

Driving the Future of Finance

Prepare for a truly transformative experience

In our tailored Master’s programs designed for future leaders with a strong career focus, we embrace innovative learning methods. We aim to cultivate new behaviours and mindsets that create lasting change in you. Through new skills, perspectives, and insights, you can develop and implement innovations, becoming indispensable to yourself and your organization.

Our unique program offers you exactly what you need for your career. In the Foundations, you’ll learn the basics of business and the prerequisites for entrepreneurial success. Our latest research findings and consulting solutions will give you immediate access to trends such as the digital revolution and new business models, sustainable leadership, and agile transformation.

In the Specializations, you’ll gain more profound knowledge to accelerate economic growth and drive innovation.

Every element of our Master programs – from practice-oriented project work and case study presentations to transfer tasks solving problems from your job – is designed to propel you forward and transform you into a creative, innovative, and team-oriented leader.



Understand the management of banks, insurance companies, corporate finance departments, fintechs, or insurtechs. We offer various alternative modules for your specific bank management focus.



Become a versatile Digital Finance Native with competencies in Big Data, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, App development, Digital Business Models, Digital Sales, Digital Processes, or Agile Organization.



Do you enjoy dealing with sophisticated clients and solving complex problems? We provide you with the skills to successfully advise affluent clients, achieve more, and thus expand the business area.



How are sustainability issues transforming the finance industry, and what strategies are needed now to create long-term value for companies and society? Secure the future of your company and your job in the central growth market of Sustainable Finance with your knowledge.



In an increasingly digital world, Organizations and IT are becoming more critical for a financial institution’s successful and innovative development. We teach the competencies needed to drive this milestone of strategic development in any company.

Maximum flexibility

Your schedule is the guideline

We adapt your studies to your life – not the other way around!

Our solution? We have developed highly flexible and individually tailored learning content and conditions.

Our concept allows you to study independently of time and place while considering your work-life balance.

  • Study materials are always available via iPad or mobile phone.
  • Exams, lectures, or seminars can be conducted as webinars (even individually).
  • Missed courses can be repeated as a stream. You remain fully integrated into the company without financial losses.

Your way to us

Admission requirements

Everyone can and should study. If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements for a Master’s degree, we will gladly to advise you.

  • You have earned 180 credit points or more in a domestic or foreign Bachelor’s degree program with a focusing on economics.
  • If you need economics credits, we will prepare you for admission with a tailor-made program.
  • Do you have professional qualifications? Have you achieved more than the 180 CP of your Bachelor’s degree? We will check your documents and recognize your achievements using the German Qualifications Framework (DQR).


Balancing studies, work, family, and leisure can be challenging for part-time students.
We have thought deeply about how we can support, motivate,
and nurture you during this challenging phase.