External Doctorate

Are you looking for a doctorate?

The school team has recently supervised various doctoral projects completed by doctoral candidates.

Examples include:

  • Jens Wiegel: Social interaction in securities investment – A behavioural analysis and empirical study of collaborative recommendation systems in the case of securities investment.
  • Martin Polle: Risk and preference measurement in credit institutions – Development of a risk-bearing capacity concept based on decision theory using the example of selected risk categories of cooperative banks.
  • Christopher Meadowcroft: The role of lending in corporate banking – Empirical evidence and implications for value-based loan pricing and banking.
  • Mailin Dalk: Criteria-based analysis of preferences to explain the decision-making behaviour of institutional investors in illiquid funds – using the example of infrastructure.
  • Dominik Englisch: Critical analysis of the investment decision-making behavior of non-professional investors in sustainable investments.

Part of the intensive supervision is accompanying internal doctoral seminars in which the current progress in the dissertation preparation is regularly presented and discussed intensively and critically. The doctoral students are also integrated into an international network that fosters worldwide exchange with scientists. All of this can occur regardless of the university at which the doctoral students are doing their doctorate and which professor is supervising and assessing the doctorate.

External doctorate

If you would like to do your doctorate externally, i.e. not as an academic staff member of the school, we are pleased to be able to open a door for you.

Together with the IHP European Centre of Research at the University of Gloucestershire Business School, the school has developed a two-stage model that can enable you to complete a PhD.

We will be happy to advise you.

Please contact
Prof. Dr. Michael Lister school at Steinbeis University
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We are happy to advise you

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