B. A. Business Administration Finance, Banking and Controlling

Course of studies

Flexible course of studies

You can individually combine the elements of your studies according to your schedule.

For example, if a presence session for a module does not fit into your schedule, you can take it in the following semester.

You can participate via online streaming if you cannot attend the events in person. In compliance with GDPR rules, all presence sessions are transmitted and recorded via video meetings.


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Steinbeis Professional Practice program

Theory to Practice: Transforming Learning into Action

Steinbeis University’s Professional Practice program uniquely integrates professional work with academic learning. This approach, rooted in Ferdinand von Steinbeis’s dual education concept, focuses on applying theoretical knowledge in real-life professional settings. Students tackle actual challenges encountered in their workplaces, transforming academic theories into effective, real-world solutions. This practical learning approach deepens understanding and substantially benefits both students and their companies.

Throughout the program, students actively apply their new academic insights in their workplaces, playing a pivotal role in shaping their educational experience. Steinbeis University collaborates with industry leaders, corporations, and organisations to ensure a rich, hands-on learning environment.



In an initial meeting with you and your employer, we will pinpoint your project and analyse your job responsibilities, challenges, and objectives.


Tailored Learning Experience

Your course content and tasks are customised to align with your project, allowing for a continuous blend of scientific and practical examination and critique throughout your studies.


Real-World Application

Guided by our experts, you’ll apply your academic learning to real challenges in your company, maximising both personal development and organisational advancement.